Health Insurance
Long-term students ( >180days)

Compulsory.  You can arrange it your self but most students choose the policy the University arranged.

Short-term students ( <180days)

Not compulsory.

Exchange students

If your home University has arranged a policy for you. You do not need to buy a policy in China again. Show your Chinese University the evidence.

Check your Mobile phone

To confirm if your mobile phone can be used in China, click here to read an article.

Voltage  and transformer
The voltage used in China is 220V.

Sometimes you may need a transformer. (Normally not necessary,  most of your small electrical items can be used within a range of 110V~240V, but you do need to confirm it.)

Power board
You may need to bring a power board if your plug/socket are different from Chinese standards.

You may also need to bring an AC power adapter. If you could not find it in your own country, you can buy it in China.

Two kinds of plugs are used in China.

Accordingly, they use two kinds of socket.

If you have a Power board like below, most of your plugs will fit.

(Remember you need to make sure the plug of the power board matches Chinese sockets otherwise you will need an adapter.)