If you do not have a Chinese SIM or want to switch to a better plan,
visit the nearest Telco branch to buy one.

You need to have a Chinese number ASAP. You need it to set your bank passcode / PIN.

There are 3 major carriers in China. If you want to use the mobile phone you bought from your country, most of you should choose China Unicom (中国联通), for technical reasons.

If the mobile phone you bought from your country does not work in China, you may need to buy/ rent a phone. Choose a mobile phone that supports China Unicom (中国联通)’s network.  

Most new students have to choose China Unicom for technical reasons.

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▼ The number will be hard to be switched to other carriers. If you do need to switch to another Telco, It will be better to choose a new number, sometimes. ▲

Choose an easy plan

As mentioned before, China Unicom is the right carrier to choose.
Like other two carriers, China Unicom also has too many plans with complex fee structures.

We suggest you do not waste time to read their introductions as many ordinary Chinese people won’t understand them as well.

The best way is to choose a simple designed plan and pay the fee yearly but not monthly. The plan won’t cost you much and it is easy to understand.

 Where to buy the easy plan

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