Documents Needed for Registration

→Admission Notice
→JW201/202 Form (If any)

→2 Copies of passport photo page and current visa page with entry stamp

→Three 2.5×3.5cm size photos,
→1 passport photos
→4 more passport photos for the physical examination if the student holds X1 visa.

→Diploma (only for degree program students)

▼ Different Universities have different procedures for Registration. Please follow their instruction. ▲

Health Insurance
Long-term students (>180days)

It is compulsory for long-term students(Stay more than 180 days). you can arrange it your self but most Universities require you follow their arrangement.

Long-term students (<180days)

Not compulsory. However, some Universities also require short-term students to purchase the medical insurance policy. ask them to confirm.

Exchange students

If your home University has arranged a policy for you. You do not need to buy a policy in China again. Show your Chinese University the evidence.

Contact your home university to confirm.(The University in your country, not the University in China.)

▼ Different Universities have different procedures. Some of them require you to purchase your policy online before you leave and some require you to purchase it during registration. ▲