Things to bring

Some items are not allowed to be brought into China. Visit to get more info.

▼  Attaching your University stickers on all your documents. In case you lost your documents, People picked it up could easily contact your university so increase the chance to find them back. If your University did not provide you with the stickers, you can DIY some using Self-adhesive paper. (Printing University’s address and international office’s phone number on them.) ▲

Make sure you have at least 2 photocopies of your important documents. You should consider having your important documents, such as medical prescriptions and marriage certificates (if applicable) translated into Mandarin before leaving your country. Below is the checklist of important documents that you must carry with you to China.

The valid passport and visa
Admission letter from your University

(Original copy)

Visa application for Study in China form (also known as the JW201/JW202 form)

(Original copy. Long-term students only)

Traveler’s check or bank draft for your tuition payment.

(Some University require you pay the fees by Chinese bank card. You can apply one when after your arrival.)

Full-face photos with white background.
Short term student:
 1~3    2.5cmx3.5cm photo
Long-term student:
 1~3    2.5cmx3.5cm photo

(Following the University’s instruction)

Physical examination record and Blood test reports

(Original, if available. Some Universities do not need this.)

Marriage certificate and Birth certificates of Your Family Members

(if applicable. It is not for your study registration. However, if you are traveling with family member/s, you may need these documents when handling residence issues.

You also may need them when you invite your family member/s to visit you in the future.)

You may also consider bringing these Documents with you if you deem them necessary:

Academic transcripts

Personal bank statements

Reference/ Recommendation letters