Dormitory check-in.
The driver will drive you directly to your dormitory on campus.

Different Universities have different procedures. Please read their guide or confirm the procedures with your University before your departure.

If they are unable to assign you a room before your registration, ask them to allow you to store your luggage so you do not need to drag your luggage to the office. Some offices are close to dormitory but some are not. Check with your University before you leave.

You need to know the working hours of the International student office.

They normally open Mon~Fri (Public Holidays excepted).

Some Universities have special arrangements. Some of the offices open 7 days a week during the registration period. confirm it before you leave.

If you arrive when the office is closed, confirm if they will allow you to stay overnight without doing your registration. If you need to pay, confirm that they do accept foreign credit card.

Most new students will choose On-Campus Accommodation.
You can choose to live outside the campus.

However, it is better to book an On-Campus Accommodation first and you can rearrange it after your arrival.

Some dormitories do not provide bedding items

so you need to buy these items yourself. If you arriving time is evening, you may find that all stores are closed. Contact your university to confirm this issue.

Every University has its own policy. Ask their staff to confirm.