Decide your arrival date!!
 If the University requires you to register before assigning you a room, you should check the calendar to avoid Friday, even Thursday night, if Friday is a public holiday. Otherwise you may need to stay up to 3 nights in a hotel.
Booking —Air ticket
Ctrip is a NASDAQ listed company provide cheap flights to China.

Sometimes the price is lower than Expedia. Click here to visit Ctrip.

Korean students can find air tickets from webtour.

* Tianjin Students will find that the flights to Tianjin are always expensive as there are only a few direct flights. you can book a flight to Beijing and use the 150km cross city Coach/Bus to Tianjin. The Coach/Bus may cost you USD 16 but save a lot on the air ticket.

Booking —Accommodation
Contact your University staff to arrange On-Campus Accommodation.

You can choose to live outside the campus. However, it is better to book an On-Campus Accommodation first and you can rearrange it after your arrival.

Some dormitories do not provide bedding items

So you need to buy these items yourself. If you arriving time is evening, you may find that all stores are closed. Contact your university to confirm this issue. Or, you can choose to book a hotel for your first night if you can not find a solution. If you do not know how to choose a hotel near the University, click here to contact us.

Booking —Airport pick-up
Some Universities are arranging free Airport pick-up for new students.

Contact them to confirm if you are eligible.

▼ Some Universities require you book free service directly from the University. In this case, you should use their system to book free service. ▲

Some Universities require you to book free service from our website. in that case, you need to book online with us by clicking here.

If you are not eligible for free pick-up, you can choose to book a paid service. You need to book online by clicking here.