Please download an Airport guide to find details.

(Please use the newest version. The newest version will be available on 2 weeks before new semester commences. )

The staff/ driver will hold a sign in the arrival hall.
The sign may have your name/s on it.

(If only 1~3 student/s arrive.)

The sign may have the University’s Logo but not with your name/s.

(When many students arrive same time.)

The sign may only print “International Student | Support” on it.

(When many students from different Universities arrive same time.)

Unable to find the driver?
For both free and paid service.

If, in the unlikely event you are unable to find us/ your driver in arriving hall, please contact the team via Wechat.

Pleae read the  Airport guide you just downloaded.

Most Airports have free Wi-Fi. It should be OK to use Wechat to build a connection. However, some Chinese Airports require you to use a Chinese cell phone number to receive a Wi-Fi passcode.

If you do not have a Chinese cell phone number, ask an Airport staff or any Chinese people to help you. Using their cell phone to receive a passcode for you.

Show them the sentences below. (It is better to print them out)

我是外国留学生,想要连接机场Wi-Fi。但是我没有中国手机号接受密码。您能用您的手机帮我接收一个密码吗? 我不会说中文。
机场Wi-Fi 允许每个手机号接受多个密码同时使用,所以不会影响您自己的使用。

(Excuse me,
I am an international student. I am connecting the Wi-Fi. However, I do not have a Chinese cell phone number to receive the passcode. Could you please help me to get a passcode using your cell phone?
I do not speak much Chines.
The Airport WIFI allows multiple connections so it won’t affect your WIFI connection.

Thank you