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Why Wechat is so important?
You need it to connect free Wi-Fi at many Chinese Airports.

Many Chinese Airports require you using Chinese Cell phone number to receive a passcode or using Wechat ID to build Wi-Fi connections. New students normally do not have Chinese cellphone number so you have to use Wechat ID to connect Airport Wi-Fi.

(The YouTube Video below does not work in Mainland China.)

Installing Wechat

Wechat(微信) is a chatting platform and is the most commonly used App in China. We strongly suggest you installing it before your departure.  Kakao Talk and LINE may not work properly in China.

▼ Search Wechat from App Store.▲

You need to use your cell phone number to register your ID.
(Do not merely use Facebook ID to connect Wechat. Otherwise, you may lose Wechat connection in China as Facebook does not work in China.)

* Please do remember your password, If you need to reset your password, you need to use your cell phone number to receive a verification code. However, your current cell phone number may be unable to receive SMS in China.

We suggest you change the linked cell phone number to your Chinese number after you arrive in China.

Now Add your first contact
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Wechat  Pay
Wechat pay is an instant payment facility allows you to pay many payments in China.

Also, you can use it to receive money from others. You may be surprised that China is almost a Cash-free/ Cashless society. People pay and receive payments just use the Apps such as Wechat pay and Alipay.

First of all, you need to link your Chinese bank account to your  Wechat ID. You can do it after you opened your Chinese bank account.

(The YouTube Video below does not work in Mainland China.)