UNE Chinese Short Course information

This page is for UNE students, undertaking 4~12 weeks short  LANGUAGE course.

*If you are undertaking a one-semester course, please do not use this page to book. Please Click here.

Airport reception

AUD 55/ Car.

AUD 11 / Car surcharge will be applied if your landing time is before 5:30 or after 21:00

Please contact us to confirm your date and landing time. We need to double-check your info to make sure everything is correct.

Click here to book online.

If the online booking system does not work, contact us to book

How to meet your driver?

Download Airport guide(You do not need to read Part A3) 

Illegal driver!

Do not follow anyone who does not have your name.
If someone came to you and said he is your driver but does not have a sign or a phone displaying your name, he may be an illegal driver without qualification and insurance. Do not follow him but contact us. See the Airport guide you just downloaded. (You do not need to read Part A3) 

You have already paid us but you did not pay the illegal driver. So he will charge you again after his service. Meanwhile, we won’t refund you as our driver spend hours to wait for you.

Make sure you follow the right driver.

Where to register?

ISO (International student office). Mon~Fri. (9:00~12:00, 14:30~17:00)

*Most of the Chinese offices do not work during lunchtime. (Normally 12:00~14:30)

Download Campus map. This map is designed for helping the driver to find on-campus Dormitory. However, you can use it to find ISO and your hotel.

Google and Facebook do not work?

Google map, Google search, Gmail, Google Drive,……. and Onedrive do not work properly in China.

Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter also do not work properly in China.

Click here to find the solution

Chinese mobile phone plan

Always choose China Unicom(中国联通) network. (Other networks may not work with your phone set)

The short-term plans are not cheap.

You can rent a Data only SIM.  (CNY 100/30 days. 1GB data/day). It will take 3 days for delivery. You need to order it ASAP. Contact the team for details.

Other family members come to Xi’an later

If your family members are coming to Xi’an during your study, we can also arrange Airport service. You should let him/her contact us directly via Wechat. Same rates and T&C will be applied.

Airport drop off

AUD 45/ Car.

AUD 10 / Car surcharge will be applied if your service  is before 6:00 or after 21:30 (If you are the only passenger using the car)

Please leave your Hotel/Dorm at least 3 hours before your flight.

When contacting us, please send us a copy of your flight ticket.

Together with

Your name, number of passengers, Hotel/Dorm,

the time, the date,

and the number of big luggage.

*The car can carry 4 big luggage. If you have more than 4 big luggage, you may need to book 2 cars or an MPV(multi-purpose vehicle) / Minivan.

How to contact the service team?

Click here

Other information (Pre-departure)

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