Due to Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak, all Universities have decided to re arrange their schedule. 

The Universities will follow the direction from government. Please follow the updated information.

The airport pick service will be suspended. If you do need the service, you can use normal taxi.

由于新冠病毒 (2019-nCoV)爆发,所有大学均已重新安排他们的计划。



SNNU 陕西师范大学 Shaanxi Normal University

To UNE(Australia) Short-term language students

If you are from UNE, undertaking 4~12 weeks short  LANGUAGE course, please do not use this page to book.
Please Click here.

*If you are undertaking a one-semester course, please continue to use this page.

When to book?
For free service, please book online at least 5 days before your departure. If you booked too late, we can not guaranty the availability.

▼For paid service, you have to book online at least 2 days before your departure.▲
For paid service, If you book online on the same day you arrive, click here to contact us immediately.



Group / Family booking

▼You need to elect a group/ family representative to book online on behalf of the group/ family. Others do not repeat the submission▲

For group/family booking, you only need to upload one Airticket as all others are with same flight information.



How to meet your driver?

The University has 2 Campuses and  4 dorms.  You have to find your campus and fill the card before your arrival. (Chinese drivers do not speak English so you have to show them the card below to let him/her know your Campus.)

The card is attached to your admission letter. (It is for pre-booked service only. If you are using a normal taxi, do not use this card.)

If you do not have this card, just ignore it.




No card needed for 2020

More Details such as how to find your campus and how to meet your driver will be provided 2 weeks before new semester commences. Please revisit this page and click the link below)


Click here to get the Guide, Find your driver at the Airport.

Online booking form

▼ If you need to read paid service policy, please click here back to the last page. ▲

If the online booking system does not work, please send us an email with your details and flight ticket.
Our email:

After the submission, please add our Wechat to be your contact.

It is very important. If you could not find the driver at the Airport or your flight is to be delayed. Wechat will be the only way to contact us.

Our Wechat ID can be found by clicking here.

If you are unsure how to install Wechat, Click here to find more.