SNNU 陕西师范大学 Shaanxi Normal University

To UNE(Australia) Short-term language students

Dear UNE students, please do not use this page to book. Please Click here.

When to book?
For free service, please book online at least 5 days before your departure. If you booked too late, we can not guaranty the availability.
If the online booking system does not work, please send us an email with your details and flight ticket. Our email:


▼For paid service, you have to book online at least 2 days before your departure.▲

For paid service, If you book online on the same day you arrive, click here to contact us immediately.




Group / Family booking


▼You need to elect a group/ family representative to book online on behalf of the group/ family. Others do not repeat the submission.▲

For group/family booking, you only need to upload one Airticket as all others are with same flight information.




How to meet your driver?

More Details such as how to find your campus and how to meet your driver will be provided after 20/ Aug. Please revisit this page on 20/ Aug.(Click the link below)


Click here to get the Guide, Find your driver at Airport.

Online booking form

▼ If you need to reading paid service policy, please click here back to last page. ▲

1. 哪所大学?
■ If you got a new admission letter, you are a new student, even you have studied at this University before. ■ 如果你获得了新的《录取通知》,你就被视为是新生,即使你以前曾经在本校学习过。


■ One person one line ■ 每人一行
■ One flight one line ■ 每行填一个航班号
■ If you are using PC, please make sure type am/pm for the last part of the time. ■ 如果你使用PC,请在时间的最后一段填写am / pm
■ For group/family booking, you only need to upload one Air ticket as all others are with same flight information. ■ 团体/家庭预定。只需上传一张机票即可。

■ "Korea" is "South Korea" on this list.
■ You can type +82 to find Korea.

■ You can type +66 to find Thailand.
■ You can type +92 to find Pakistan.
■ You can type +91 to find India.
■ You can type +7 to find Russia.
■ You can type +62 to find Indonisia.
■ You can type +81 to find Japan.

■ 如果多人一起旅行,请选一个代表在线预约,其他人不要重复提交。
After the submission, please add our Wechat to be your contact.

It is very important. If you could not find the driver at the Airport or your flight is to be delayed. Wechat will be the only way to contact us.

Our Wechat ID can be found by clicking here.

If you are unsure how to install Wechat, Click here to find more.